Why is warhawk not updating

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I have also started linking their names to a real aircraft or models of their aircraft on my site if it's available P-40E N1048N P-40E N4420K P-40E N9837A 44-7368 AK 899 P-40E N40245 AK 827 P-40E N62435 44-47922 AL 171 RCAF 1084 P-40E N94466 AK 933 RCAF 1057 P-40E ZK-RMH P-40K NX4436J 42-9733 P-40M F-AZPJ P-40N C-GTGR 44-7369 P-40N N222SU ex N5039V 44-7619 P-40N-30-CU N999CD 44-7804 P-40N N1062G 44-7192 P-40N-30-CU N1197N 42-105192 RCAF 858 P-40N N1226N 42-105867 RCAF 867 BKD (FM-2 N5HP) P-40N N9950 44-7983 P-40N N25927 42-105927 P-40N N85104 ex NH97N 42-105182 RCAF 858 P-40N-30-CU N94500 44-7369 P-40N NL40PN 44-7369 TP-40N 42-105927 TP-40N-30-CU N923 44-47923 TP-40N NL1195N 42-106396 RCAF 880Mark Joyce brings us two nice articles on some veterans Capt.James Reed of the 59th FS/33rd FG Bob Gale of the 88th FS/80th FG including pictures and an article entitled Tales of a Burma Banshee Here are two more pages of modern P-40's by Dick Phillips P-40E N151V P-40E N940AKI have put up some information on US (including AVG) P-40 Aces.I haven't found any data on P-40 aces from other countries, if you have any information that you would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated.

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It was the third most-produced American fighter, after the P-51 and P-47; by November 1944, when production of the P-40 ceased, 13,738 had been built,[3] all at Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s main production facilities at Buffalo, New York.

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The Louisiana–Monroe Warhawks women's basketball team is the women's basketball team that represents University of Louisiana at Monroe in Monroe, Louisiana.

This is only a matter of how the information is displayed in the UI.

If you hover on the Commander's image in the Port, you will see their specialization in the tooltip:https://gyazo.com/a1...283c63e197c62f2A Commander with 7 Skill Points is assigned from one researchable ship to another researchable ship and has just reached their current rank, but without enough Commander XP to reach the next rank.

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